Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to Kathy's Chinese culture & language class!


An Alphabet Book of Chinese Culture
Learn Chinese culture in an alphabet order of pinyin. Each letter represent a culture point. But instead of D is for Dragon or K is for Kite, we will say D is for Doufu or F is for Fengzhen. I will choose 26 culture points which not only represent typical Chinese culture, but also cover Chinese philosophy, tradition, art and food, etc. Children will learn the pinyin of these 26 culture points, how to say it in Chinese and see how it's written in Chinese characters. In each lesson, they will do a craft or make a book. After 26 lessons, they will each have a big Alphabet Book of Chinese Culture with the information of the culture point on one side and their project, craft or writing on the other.

My Birth City
Introduce the city or province where they were born. They learn their own birthplace and others'. They will each have an album of these cities, with interesting facts or famous people from that city. 

China on the news
Take a look at what is happening in China. I will find some news, about children in China and current events, etc. 

Chinese holidays
If there is a Chinese holiday in that week, we will celebrate that holiday. Read a story book, do a craft and eat food.

I use English to teach culture or when I read a story book about China. But all the classroom function language is in Chinese. When we do crafts, I use Chinese. I use My First Chinese Words from BetterChinese as language curriculum. Read story books and sing songs in Chinese. I expect children speak basic greetings and responses in Chinese.

Classroom mascot
Meet our classroom mascot Panda Pangpang (means chubby in Chinese). Panda Pangpang, goes with my classroom theme.  Pangpang has a bag and the contents of the bag include Pangpang, a letter, Pangpang's travel log, a picture book about panda and an object about the theme of that week. Each week, a student takes Pangpang home to meet their family. Parents encourage your kid to fill out the travel log. They will write some simple Chinese in the travel log. Siblings can work together. The child will bring Pangpang back next week to the class and share with the class some highlights. Feel free to add photos and draw pictures showing of some of those lights.