Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthplace - Jiangxi 江西

I love to talk about birthplace with kids, enjoy their family albums and amazing stories. Research about these cities helps me better understand them, find some untold stories and see the tremendous changes China is going through everywhere.  
Today we talked about Jiangxi Province, located in the southeast of China. When I first know Ally's name in Chinese, I was wonering if she is from Jiangxi because her last name in Chinese sounds the same as the short name of Jiangxi. That's one part I like names in Chinese. They mean something. Some time we can guess which season or what time of the day one is born, like part of Ally's first name meaning early morning
The concept of 56 minority ethnic groups in China are hard for kids to understand because there is no real American ethnicity and they don't see people in their life with a unique language, food, attitute, cuisine, etc. So when I told them there are more than 30 minority ethnic groups living in Jiangxi, they don't know what they mean. I use American Indians as an example, they are still confused. I think I need to work on this.
Jiangxi is very famous for its porcelain. Best porcelain from China are from Jingdezhen in Jiangxi. We designed our own plates by using only blue paint or sharpies. They put Chinese pavilion, giant panda even Christmas tree on it. Lovely!

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