Thursday, March 14, 2013

My birthplace - Hunan 湖南

Judy was born in Hunan Province, located in the south central part of China. She was very excited today, sharing her photoes when she was a baby and the picture album of Hunan.
Hunan means "south of lake". The province is situated mainly south of Dongting Lake
, second biggest fresh water lake in China. Bordering on its north is a province called Hubei, which means "north of lake". Dongting Lake  is famous in Chinese culture as the place of origin of Dragon Boat racing. We celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival every year, so they know the story of Quyuan, who was an ancient Chinese poet in the State of Chu, which is nowadays' Hunan. 
The class got excited when they saw the video of the longest cable car ride in the world, 7,455 meters, in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the north of Hunan Province. But they thought it too scary to ride. The floating mountains in the Hollywood movie, Avatar, are actually the photoes of the stone mountain of the park.
Hunan Cuisine, also called Xiang Cuisine, is one of 8th major cuisines in China. It's famous for spicy food. Hunan dishes are normally made with fresh chili peppers. Girls from Hunan Province are often called "spicy girls". 
We made some paper red peppers while we were watching the music video of famous Chinese folk song Spicy Girl. Judy was wondering if spicy girls are the farmers of red peppers in China.

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