Thursday, November 1, 2012

F is for fó 佛

Last week when we talked about Emei mountain, we saw different Buddha statues. Today I continued with some basic teaching of Buddha, which pronounces Fo in Chinese. When I told them Buddhists are happy and peaceful, they all said they are peaceful persons. I love these happy children!

 I showed them part of the video about Leshan Giant Buddha, which is one of the 7 wonders in China and very near to the Emei Mountain. They were amazed at how big it is and how people made it.

I read the picture book Zen Shorts, a wonderful book to teach children philosophy. Zen is a Japanese word, meaning meditation. This book is illustrated with beautiful water color and it teaches generosity, sharing, friendship, how to handle anger and perspective of luck. I love this author. He also wrote Zen Ties, Zen Ghosts and Stone Soup.

We tried to meditate, like a Buddhist, for one minute. They all laughed and said this is doing Yoga. They are right! We each made a bracelet of meditation prayer beads, which has Chinese characters on it. Prayer beads help Buddhists focus and recite. 

We had a review of numbers in Chinese. Pangpang's tummy is filled up with numbers and names in Chinese! He must be full!



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