Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 2: Beauty of my birthplace - Taiwan 台湾

We started to introduce birthplaces! Two girls were born in Taiwan and one of them just visited Taiwan this summer. So we started from Taiwan. They did the page of Taiwan for their book of Where is my friend from. Google earth is my favorite when I teach geography. Kids love it. Jackson and Jenna kept asking me to focus Taiwan's airport and places they visited. They see right away that Taiwan is an island and most of its land is covered by forest. 

Two girls born in Taiwan did their own memory book of "I love Taiwan". They used felt to decorate Taiwan's flag and green tissue paper as trees on the island .

3 kids who visited Taiwan before did a great job talking about their trip. They brought family album, souvenirs, jade (they went jade hunt in a river!), seal chops, etc. We learned a lot from their trip!

China on the news: We watched a news from Taiwan in Chinese. It's about two pandas in Taipei Zoo celebrating their 8th birthday.

We learned how to draw panda and practiced on the sheet of China on the news. They drew adorable pandas!

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