Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My classroom setting

These are some of my classroom setting. I try not to use anything commercial, but their own works.
These are my lovely Children of the Dragon! They put their legs, arms, dress, etc. and run or walk on the Great Wall of China! They colored the dragon.

I just put up the bulletin board. Everyone's Chinese name is on the bamboo leaves. I want them to see their names all the time when they are here. Two kids painted their Chinese names. Joey drew a picture of hands of different colors, which means children from around the world get toghether. Judy puts her Chinese handwriting there.

Our classroom mascot is panda. We put up this giant panda and leave the tummy to put sticky notes. They will write Chinese characters on sticky notes. If everyone can put at least 5 characters there, we will have a party. 

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