Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthplace - Guiyang City 贵阳

This month, we do Allie's birthplace - Guiyang City, the capital of Guizhou Province. Allie prepared this poster and she talked about some of photos from her family album. Kids love her family album, especially the photo when Allie was a baby and mom was holding her when they met in Guiyang. They found the silver headdress on Miao girls very interesting. Allie talked about some places to visit in Guiyang: the Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, the highest one in Asia, Jiaxiu Tower, Guiyang's symbolic construction, and Miao people, one of ethnic groups living in Guiyang City.

China is a multi-ethnic nation of 56 ethnic groups, among them, more than 30 groups live in Guizhou Province. Today I introduced Miao people to them. I played this video and they all love it! Parents can watch this video with kids and have them tell you what they see in this cartoon special about Miao people.

There are a lot of information in this video about Miao people:
Miao girl and boy's unique clothes and headdress
Miao girls are good at paper cut.
Miao people live in the houses made from wood or bamboo.
Miao people plant their rice in terraced farm.
The instrument that the boy played is Lusheng - Miao's musical instrument made of bamboo. 
Miao people holds Bullfight Festival every year. 

Allie did her memory book of birthplace and everyone tried paper cut. They cut out a Jiaxiu Tower and glued it on paper. Jackson even drew alligator by the tower.

Kids asked great questions, like "What's the biggest waterfall in the world?" or "What does Miao girl's headdress mean?". I learn from their questions!

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