Sunday, October 7, 2012

C is for cháng jiāng 长江

We learned about Yangtze River this week, which plays an important role in China's history, economy and culture. Yangtze River feeds 1/3 of China's population.
I played part of the video from this documentary, (Rediscovering Yangtze) which is very popular in China.

The official website of World Wildlife Fund has interesting information about Yangtze. Each class drew Yangtze on a long paper. They put so much information there. They drew the endangered animals living by Yangtze: Chinese alligator, river dolphin, panda, etc. Allie cut out fish by felt, foil paper and glued them. Abby drew the river blue under the smiling sun. Boys drew cruise, alien visiting Yangtze, sharks, etc.

a blue Yangtze River under the sun with a boat floating on the water

 Books you can read with your child:
The story about Ping  It's a story of a duck living by Yangtze River. 
The Noble Yangtze       

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