Thursday, October 11, 2012

D is for dēng 灯

We learned D is for Deng (lantern) today. Lantern is actually Deng Long in Chinese. Deng means light. I just put Deng to make it easier for kids to remember.

We take a look at different lanterns and guess some riddles (Chinese put riddles on lanterns on Lantern's Festival). They love Chinese sky lanterns. I played this video for them. It's lantern festvial in Taiwan, which attract tourists from all over the world.
Sky lantern is also called good wish lantern. So I asked them what they can put on their good wish lantern and let it fly. These are their answers:

 "God bless you".
"I wish there will be more pandas in the world and one of them will visit me and eat some bamboo in my house."
"I loves my parents. When I let the lantern fly, they will know I love them so much."
"I want a brother."
"I want the strict teacher nicer."
My kids are sweet! 

We used paint to make a Chinese new year skyline. I got the idea from here. They cut out Chinese newspaper and glue them as buildings. Then they used sponges, corks or thumb to print out red and yellow lanterns.  

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