Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lantern's Day

Today we celebrated Lantern's Day! The Lantern's Day in China is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar year, marking the last day of the Chinese New Year.  The fifteenth day is the first full moon of that lunar year. According to tradition, at the beginning of a new year, when there is a bright full moon in the sky, there should be thousands of colorful lanterns hung out for people to appreciate. At this time, people will try to solve riddles on lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls and enjoy a family reunion.
My friend in China went to see a huge lantern exhibit and sent me some photoes. These lanterns are gorgeous. Some from Taiwan are popular, like the transformer, two huge dragons and Taipei 101. I showed them another familar video of the sky lantern festival held last week in Taiwan. People wrote their wish on the lantern and let them fly. They shouted 2013, which sounds like "love you all my life" in Chinese.

I had planned a paper lantern craft, but they want to make a lantern that can be lighted up. I made the lantern frame for them and laminated it, so the light can come out. They designed their own lanterns, drawing snake, panda, flower, butterfly, etc. Look at these lovely lanterns!  

I asked them to light the candle at night and sent me a photo. Here is one:
They told me they want to go to China on a Lantern's Day to see the huge lanterns, a full moon and eat the rice ball.

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