Monday, February 11, 2013

Q is for qí páo 旗袍

Every girl needs a Qipao! Qipao or cheongsam is one-piece Chinese dresses which were first worn by the Manchu women during the late Qing Dynasty (late 19th C.).Qipao features high collar, fabric buttons, slits and is usually made of silk, silk brocade or satin and featured intricate embroidery.
I showed them how Qipao transformed from wide and baggy style to the modern variations of bell sleeves or be sleeveless and are made out of a variety of fabrics. From photoes of Qipao, kids find out there are several patterns often shown on Qipao: peony symbolizes richness and prosperity; Chriysanthemum symbolizes longevity; Fish is a symbol of prosperity; Dragon symbolizes supreme power; Phoenix is a symbol of beauty and purity. 
It's time to design a Qipao! I gave them stickers, shining pieces, etc. They drew necklace, buttons, even the arm and legs! Lovely!

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