Friday, February 15, 2013

My birthplace - Beijing 北京

There is so much information about Beijing, the capital of China, and the place Ellis grew up before she joined her parents. She still remember her favorite nanny, the playground with slide, and even which nanny woke her up every moring.
The Great Wall of China is a must when one visits Beijing. They feel very proud that the Great Wall is the biggest man-made structure in the world. When I told the class Great Wall was built by hand over 2000 years ago, they realized how old the wall is. 
The other tourist destination they may find related is the Temple of Heaven. Many of them visited the Epcot of Disney World before and saw a replica of the Temple of Heaven in the China Park. The Temple was built in Beijing in 1406 for Emperors to pray for a good year of harvest.  
I also mentioned 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and showed them the pictures of the Stadium and the new look of Beijing. I want them to see the other side of this metropolitan city, modern, crowded and fast-pacing.  

We built two sections of Great Wall! It's not an easy thing. The bricks are light and hard to stack on, but they enjoyed it!

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