Sunday, December 2, 2012

BetterChinese Mandarin-immersion class!

I am so excited I started Better Chinese language class, thanks to the parents who see the benefits of learning a second language at young age and are willing to commit time. I believe learning a second language helps increasing listening ability, memory, creativity and critical thinking. Cultural awareness and appreciation prepare kids to understand how to work with a diverse work force in the future. For heritage speakers, like most of my students, learning one's heritage languages fosters a sense of self-concept and pride.
My vision for a second language class is by immersion. My Mandarin-immersion class will be an engaging and dynamic experience for young learners. Using a full immersion model, Mandarin Chinese and culture is taught through Chinese songs, rhymes, finger play, puppetry, games, movement and crafts.


Better Chinese
My First Chinese Words series is for PK3-Grade 2 students with no prior exposure to Chinese. This set of 36 size-appropriate storybooks is designed with the idea that young children learn best when the information given is relevant to their everyday lives, which makes learning fun and exciting.
Additional resources
The online learning of Better Chinese is also available by subscription.
My other recommendation is the DVD series called Muzzy. It is great for all ages and includes supplementary materials to reinforce what is taught in the DVD.
Ipad Apps
There are also quite a few iPad Apps developed for learning Chinese. We will try some in class.
Do your homework
Classroom rules
Sit properly
Quiet hand or Wo Lai (means I'll try)
Classroom mascot 
Meet our classroom mascot Panda Pangpang (means chubby in Chinese). Pangpang speaks only Chinese in class! After we learn a book, children can sit on a super reader Pangpang chair to read out loud the story book in Chinese! Later Pangpang will travel with children to their homes.
Classwork & Homework
My First Chinese Words Workbook 
Activity and writing sheet
Listening to the CD and read out loud the book every day!

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