Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book 1: I love my family 我爱我的家

We started the first book of Betterchinese: I love my family. I love this book because it is very repetitive. Kids learn how to say I love mom, dad, elder brother & sister, younger brother & sister in Chinese. I use gesture to teach each word. Hope kids can go home and show parents these gestures and learn together! I played this song and let them find out some words you might understand. It's a hard song, but it repeats I love my family a lot. 
We did a craft. I did this with my students before on Mother's day. Here is the my son's prototype of the craft:

We cut out a heart shape with Chinese character Mom in the middle. Then put sequins on the character. Last, we put the heart on another piece of paper, which says I love my mom on the top. 
But the craft wasn't a success. Those pieces keep sticking to the fingers and are hard for most of them to put on. I kept thinking that night after the class how my kids did it before. Then oops! I did it with Q-tip and liquid glue, instead of glue stick and fingers. My fault!
Lesson I learned on the first day of Chinese language class:
Little one probably need to do different crafts.
I need to explain everything well, otherwise it's too overwhelming.

Try to stay with target language as possible as I can. Use a lot of gestures and comprehensible input.

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