Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My birthplace - Fuzhou 福州

Today's class brings back a lot of my memory about the city where I spent four years in college. Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, also the closest city to Taiwan in mainland China. Ben grew up in Fuzhou and joined his family in FL until he was two. He brought a lot of photos, where I had been to, like the temple by my college, garden, and even the city tree, banyan. But they think banyan tree is ugly with the roots growing from the branch.
We talked about the location, population, city flower, tree, and the food. None of them ever eat the fish ball before, which is the most population street food in Fuzhou. Fish ball can be found in Chinese grocery stores here. The main source of Chinese restaurant or grocery employees in the United States is actually a small town near Fuzhou. When I eat out in a Chinese restaurant, I can hear those familiar Fuzhou dialect. 
We made a banyan tree out of the paper lunch bag. I get the idea from here. It's not easy to twist the paper bag. But they did well and put on the green tissue paper.
I haven't been back to Fuzhou since I graduated from Fuzhou university 14 years ago. Looking at those pictures from Fuzhou, I can imagine the huge changes the city is going through. I wish I can go back this summer to visit my college friends and probably share with them about my wonderful kids from China.

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