Saturday, December 1, 2012

J is for jiā 家 (2)

This week, I am thinking of a craft kids can put on the Christmas tree or send to friends and it also shows how much they love their family. I decided to do some easy weaving with kids. But it turned out not so easy. I cut out some white cardboard paper into round shape and small cuts along the circle. Show them the pattern of weaving and the order. They all started quite right, but got lost in the middle when strings started to overlap. Weaving takes patience. We put a family photo on one side and wrote Chinese character Jia on the other.

The other class did a pop-up Christmas tree card. These kids are creative. I cut out some colorful dots and used them to decorate the card. But they decided to put those on top of the tree and they decorated the tree with stars. We put family photo on the card and wrote Jia Ren (家人), which means people in the family.

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